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If he's got a low Cbet stat then you can c/f or c/r for value, and if you're IP then a Flop Float (bet after a missed Cbet) could be in order. As with any bet you make,   Jan 2, 2017 What is a continuation bet? A continuation bet is when a player raises preflop and bets the flop. Continuation betting is a complex and nuanced  Jun 9, 2020 Poker terms glossary Learn the terms and abbreviations. 2nd barrel = cbet on turn - bet on the turn after cbetting a flop and F - a) flop. Jan 13, 2021 When Not to Continuation Bet. Cbetting chips. There are, of course, bad flops to continuation bet. When the flop is likely to have  Sep 6, 2017 So, I have a question about exploiting high fold to cbet stats. with a high vpip and af.i guess a low f cbet would be a requirement also. Jan 8, 2021 The honest truth is that poker bluffs are simple with a small amount of math. For instance, a spot where a flop cbet is outright -EV because your %F/%C = These are estimations based upon how often you think villain

Buenos días, Tengo poco tiempo PT 4, y quiero saber si utilizo la stat adecuada para el Fold Cbet del villano en flop, estoy utilizando la siguiente: Fold to "F" Cbet, en holdem manager la "F" no aparecía y me hace dudar, imagino que esa "F"

Jun 10, 2013 The way I would implement isStraight in a functional way would be to take all pairs of i-th and (i+1)-th cards using and then ensure that all pairs satisfy the condition using Seq.forall:. let isStraight …

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Dec 07, 2014

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F. Face Card – Any Jack, Queen, or King: the artwork often contains a picture of a face on these cards of the deck. Family Pot – Refers to a pot where most of the players do not fold on the initial betting round. For example, in a 6-handed Hold’em lineup, perhaps 5 or 6 players see a flop.

CBET is one of the best online casinos today. It accepts Bitcoin, which is a very good point for us. Moreover, it offers online betting for traditional sports, but also for esport. If you want to bet on CSGO … Poker Fold To F Cbet, game room wall decor, free mirror ball slots coins, harrah's lake tahoe slot machines cbet F is now at 66% total, it was higher at the start and I'm seriously cutting back on cbetting now since I noticed it's not working as often as it should cbet flop success rate is 35%, I usually cbet 70% pot and on very dry boards (like paired boards) I cbet 50% (which honestly never seems to work) cbet …